Sara - report

April arrived bussy as it was march. But before starting to work on a new project I took some days off and I traveled to Rumania. There I visited one friend that I met in the what’s art eramus plus training course which took place in october here, in Poznan, where everything started. This trip was amazing. I switched off a lot discovering new places as Transilvania, which is a rumanian province surrounded by amazing mountains. Also I was in Dracula’s Castle where I appreciated how the legend of this fiction character was occasioned. In fact he was a despot medieval man who had the belief that he had a cold blood. However , what the tales about dracula's tell is that this personality doesn't belong only to one person, in every human beings there is a dark side where all of us look as we had cold blood or where the feeling we had is the worst of ourselves.

But in some point this trip finished I came back to Poznan. I started to work on the next event which will take place during the Laraz Festival from the 27th of may to 4 of June. This activity is focused on all places in our district where have cultural events. And the idea is to make them more visible and to encourage our neighbours to visit them and to know deeply what about the place and the activities happen there. I have also to add that this project is giving me a deeply knowledge what about the art field in lazarz but also it has given me the chance to know others art places in Poznan. One of my last discovery has been the University of art. It is true that I knew that it existed but I have never been before this last saturday. I went to visit an art fair about illustrations and self publications made by the students of the faculty. All the works were amazing. Furthermore the same day I visited the Municipal Arsenal Gallery, one of the places for art contemporary exhibitions in the Stary Rynek.

In fact from now to the next weeks, one of my goal is going deeply in the art field in Poznan and attend some events that will happen from the end of april till the end of may. Also the first week of June is the art week in Poznan when all the places will exhibit the artists they run by. We will see which link will be between me and these places. Stay tuned for the next news!